How a Dog Surgeon Save my Dog’s Life

Bailey`s Unusual Behavior Alarmed Me

For several days, my dog Bailey was behaving unusually. He used to stay playful all the time. Every day when I got home from work, he used to jump up and down seeing me. Bailey is my best friend; I got him when he was just a small puppy. I found him near the lake, and I brought him home. We use to play fetch and watch movies together. Bailey’s favorite place is the park, and favorite food is anything that smells good like my peanut butter jelly sandwich. He does not care about the taste he only gives priority to the smell. If food is cold, he will refuse to eat it so had to make it warm. He is not the eating type. He never ate much especially on hot summer days.

The Discovery that Shocked Me

I bought him a pet bed a long time back which was around 17 inches around all the sides. He loves that bed. It is waterproof, so he loves it even more because I do not scold him if he goes to bed being wet. Regardless, something had happened to him, and the active dog started to become weak. He used to lie down in his bed all day. I never heard him cough before. That was the first time I could hear him coughing with a low voice. Later on, I took him to the dog surgeon. She said Bailey had heartworms! Whoever has ever petted a dog or any other animal can easily understand what I would have faced at that time. I was shocked and scared. However the lady surgeon asked me to keep my calmness intact. Continue reading “How a Dog Surgeon Save my Dog’s Life”

Doggy Writes Home

dachshund-at-the-office image
I thought it would be fun to write a post this month as if from the dogs themselves while they are on holiday. So…

In this month’s column, Dear Doggy Bailey addresses questions from those not-so-lucky canines hoping for the chance to catch a break away from home real soon.
Dear Bailey,
My guardians are pretty good to me, but they never seem to have the time for a good run around the park. I’ve heard the barkings around town. . .how can I get them to take me to the off-leash park at the Park, too?
Humans are busy creatures, the city park keepers only allows off-leash hours at one park, and then only from sunrise ’till 9:00 A.M. each morning.

This makes weekdays a bit difficult for us all. Weekends, though, are a different story.

I know that my dog sitting temporary owners (check out Barking Mad if you are wondering where I am staying) want to do more than anything is sleep in on Saturday and Sunday morning. . .so I have to make things appealing.

First, I make a nice pot of Peet’s Sumatra, fresh ground, nice and strong. Then I run over to Noah’s and get a couple of fresh, warm bagels and a double serving of lox shmear.

I wait until the Chronicle deliveryperson comes, and then bring everything- coffee, bagels, paper- in to their bedroom, and turn the stereo on softly.
They’ve still slept past dog park hours, but not too often! Try it! It’s hard, but until the city considers extending the parks off-leash hours on the weekends or even giving us an hour in the afternoon during the week, it’s all we can do.

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Highlights: Dog Laws Wales


Petting a dog comes with great pleasure and joy. I know about a handful of psychiatrists who believe, having a dog in your life is something that can bring a positive change. Its all about happiness and joy. A dog can prove itself to be a great companion. There are millions of people in love with dogs across the globe. In the United Kingdom you can adapt or pet a dog and it is quite a legal and usual practice. However there are certain laws and regulations that you should have to keep in mind ever. Dog is an animal and we cannot deny the possibility of an unpredictable behavior. It can harm itself and others in case of a mishandling. In the following passages you can learn more about the dog specific laws.

Illegal Species

Petting a dog itself is a legal activity as far as you are planning to adapt one that comes from certain “allowed” species. Following are some of the species that are banned and you cannot pet any such dog.

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Braziliero

In addition to this, their selling, abandoning and breeding is also something that is illegal in the United Kingdom. Don’t worry if you have any such specie. You can always call the authorities to let them know about it. There is a procedure in tact and you can have your dog shifted to an appropriate location safely

Keep it Controlled

Letting a dog out of control dangerously even at your home is against the law. In addition to this it is illegal to get a dog violent into any public place. The consequences of getting failed in controlling your dog are severe. One can be sent to jail alongside the payment of heavy fines. In case if your dog injured someone than the you will sent to the jail for 5 year.

Clean it Up

Taking your dog outside is a fun activity. However if your dog fouled somewhere outside than you have to clean it yourself. Failing in doing so will lead you to a fine. Thus, it is very important to “potty train” your dog. It is good to know that the blind dogs and their owners do have an exemption. Watch this video to learn more about training your dog

Learn More

Petting dog`s undoubtedly is a great activity. Having a dog at service in case of being handicapped is also something very helpful. The only thing that you can do to keep all of this in safe limits is to learn about laws and regulations. UK have most comprehensive pet laws. You can learn more about this topic by visiting

Dogs at Service!


Dogs are great as they can fit themselves in several capacities. The term “Service Dogs” has become a famous one. The use of dogs in police department is a known one. Now we can also see them in action at homes as well. Following are some great videos to provide you with an idea about the vast tendencies of dogs

Watch this video – featured with top 5 service dogs

Dogs at Service for Veterans

Dogs can Help disable Individuals


Do You Have any Idea about dog Industry?


Today I have decided to provide you with some astonishing information about the dog industry. It already is a huge one and growing even more with the passage of time. Each year millions of people like to spend billion of dollars to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Dog industry in fact is helping many other Small industries with their growth. Here we can provide you with a list as a reference,

  •   Dog`s Food Industry
  •   Accessories Industry
  •   Pets or Dog`s health industry
  •   Dog`s care industry

Thus, today we have thousands of individuals who are relying on this industry for their bread and butter.

Understand its Magnitude

Dog`s industry as we have mentioned has already turned into a giant. In the year 2015 American`s spent more than 15 Billion US$ on account of vet-care only. According to the official figures Dog`s are still dominating as far as the petting is concerned. On basis of an estimation, there are around 80Million households in America who have at least one dog. In other words around 65% of the total households in this country alone do have at least one dog .

Service`s Industry

We have seen outsourcing as becoming a common and a wise solution for having weird jobs done. Similarly the services industry has also transformed a lot. Dog Care Industry is the one that have too much potential. Each year, billions of dollars are being spent by dog owners for dog sitting, walking or boarding. Finding such a solution becomes in inevitable for owners as they cannot leave their dog alone when they went to the work or somewhere outside from their city.

Potent Option

Starting a career in this industry is something great for those who have an interest in petting dogs. You can start it straight away as a dog walker or a sitter. There is nothing much that you need. Those who have an experience in petting dogs can to it straight away. However, remember it is a serious kind of work and requires some training. You can have yourself or the dog injured by taking a couple of wrong steps. In addition to this, the internet oriented market is a great place to start if you are more interested in retail business.

Positive impact of Petting Dogs



Petting an animal is always a fun loaded activity. Today we have millions of people across the globe who like to pet dogs. In fact, there are families where dogs are considered as family members. Petting a dog is something awesome. It always comes up with great joy and pleasure. The benefits of petting a dog can be defined in several ways. However conclusively speaking petting of a dog is an activity that can always put a very positive impact on our lives.

Let us Revise some of the Benefits

  • It is scientifically proven that an interaction with a dog induces the process of love hormones
  • Petting a dog is quite a physical demanding activity and thus you can anticipate several physical benefits
  • A dog can help you in suppressing negative emotions and replacing them with the positive emotions
  • You can enjoy a greater level of security by having a dog in your home
  • A dog can provide you with a chance to spent some quality time away from digital gadgets
  • Taking your dog out for a walk will help you in recievig great physical benefits

Being a Dog Owner is Great

A pet dog can certainly add some quality in your life. It can keep your kids engaged and thus you can provide them with a better alternative. Keeping a pet dog well integrated into family is a practice which is still questioned. There are group of people who always raise their concerns. Getting in close contact with a dog beyond limits is objectionable for many. In the light of scientific researches we can say that the petting of dog is a very healthy activity. Your kids will get lesser allergies and there will be a lesser likelihood of developing eczema as an adult.

Participate in Competitions

We have a handful of passionate adults when it comes to the dogs. Each year several competitions are held where dog owners like to have their dog contested with others. Participating in pet fashion shows generally and in dog fashion shows specifically is an activity that can help you in boosting up your creativity.

Enjoy Some Moments Away from Stress

The kind of life we are having is quite hectic. In such a scenario spending some stress free moments away from the modern gadgets is something that can bring great peace in your life. Petting as whole is a wonderful past time. Having an animal like dog can be a great companion for you

Watch this video to learn more